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A Salute To Womanhood

“The power in me”

I am a woman and I am proud to be one. I am a daughter, a wife, a mother but my identity lies in the social me. You might call me by Miss. Sharma or Mrs. Kumar but I am as powerful without my dad’s or hubby’s surname. I have the power to Conceive, to nurture, to support and to guide. I am your friend when you need me the most.

I am ready to lay low, if that is what you need but my soul demands dignity. When the time is right I am ready to bounce back and unleash the power in me.

“ There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.”

I can be a great social being, the best co-worker but also the strongest competition. My thoughts and hard work can strengthen you to achieve what you want to accomplish. I am disciplined and sincere; I learnt this from my parents and bestowed this in my little one too. I am versatile and awesome multitasker; from the best curry in the kitchen to managing resources I can stun you with my skills and talents.

No questions to question my worth! I am worthy to be part of your ecosystem; embrace me with respect and affection and I will return the favour.

We at Worth Hiring understand the power in you and want to partner with you in your strive for a sparkling career.

Our Social Conscieince “Nanhe Kadam”

Nanhe Kadam - Its an initiative - a “Concept” by Worth Hiring towards empowerment and education of children deprived of education and other basic necessities of life. We strongly believe that Education is the only Solution to all the Social Evils in the society; and thus for every rupee we earn we will give a substantial part towards the education of a under privileged child.

Our focus is to work with small setups in semi-urban and urban India and help them in giving quality life to the little ones.

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